Mamma Mia! Dec 2010 – March 2012

Imagine my elation when I was invited to join the phenomenon called Mamma Mia!

The “Big Call” came as I rode the M86 Bus across Manhattan on my way home for Thanksgiving, barely balancing my phone in one hand, elephantine suitcase in the other. I would be ushering out the old year and ushering in the new debuting on the North American Tour!


Samantha Brown’s Fanathon – February 2010

I heart The Travel Channel and have always been a fan of Samantha Brown, the perky, funny host of shows like Great Hotels and Passport to Europe. Something else I heart? Walt Disney World! (I’d live there if they’d just say the word). So imagine my delight when I ran across an ad looking for fans of Samantha and of Disney World to participate in a show taping!


I Do Not Know – Summer 2009

After continuous theatre work since last August, I am “without show”, to coin my own peculiar phrase. Nothing to rehearse, nowhere to perform, no dozen songs to learn by next week. So it is back to heavy-duty auditioning and the actor’s perennial search for The Next Job.