Samantha Brown’s Fanathon – February 2010

I heart The Travel Channel and have always been a fan of Samantha Brown, the perky, funny host of shows like Great Hotels and Passport to Europe. Something else I heart? Walt Disney World! (I’d live there if they’d just say the word). So imagine my delight when I ran across an ad looking for fans of Samantha and of Disney World to participate in a show taping!

A Christmas Carol – December 2009

The famously classic holiday tale by Charles Dickens about the infamous Scrooge (Ebenezer, not McDuck), the workaholic evil-doer turned turkey-gifting do-gooder. But Scrooge cannot see the error of his cold, un-Christmasy ways until he gets a good ghostly intervention. Enter moi!

I Do Not Know – Summer 2009

After continuous theatre work since last August, I am “without show”, to coin my own peculiar phrase. Nothing to rehearse, nowhere to perform, no dozen songs to learn by next week. So it is back to heavy-duty auditioning and the actor’s perennial search for The Next Job.

Les Misérables – March & April 2009

Wow, wow and triple-wow! To be cast in Les Misérables is a musical actor’s dream come true. Specifically, my dream come true. Ever since I learned Actors’ Playhouse would be staging the first-ever Florida production, I wanted to be part of it. “Wanted”, however, may be too gentle a descriptive. More like “Insanely Obsessed Over” it.

Showtune – Dec 2008-Feb 2009

Eileen is starting 2009 starring in this fabulous revue celebrating the music & lyrics of Jerry Herman, the musical genius behind Broadway hits like Hello Dolly, La Cage Aux Folles, Mame and more. With one hit song after another, this popular musical is a favorite with audiences who will recognize one Broadway Anthem after another!

The Convertible Girl – Aug-Oct 2008

Eileen stars as Christina Fernandez, a young latina madly in love with Ron Greenstein, an older Jewish man, who loves her but can’t overcome his fear of marriage. When he claims he cannot marry her because she’s not jewish, Christina decides to embark on the clumsiest, most screwball conversion in the history of the world…