This is Eileen!

Year 1 In New York: On transportation

The subway is your friend. Until it isn’t. And then the subway is your mortal enemy. The truth, my friends…is that the subway…is your frenemy. Please read this carefully, as this is A Really Important Lesson. Especially if you entertain any notions of living in New York City. The subway will ACT like it is…

Me With The Happy Ending?

I promise you a happy ending Like the ones that you see on the screen So if you had a bad beginning You will come out winning in the closing scene ~ from Broadway’s Mack & Mabel (which, ironically, did NOT have a happy ending) For those of you following the Epic Saga of my…

Walk on the Wild Side – November 2012

With gorgeous music & lyrics by Will Holt that draws from country & western, blues, and traditional theatre, we begin in a dusty Texas town on the Mexican border, where we meet the teenaged Dove as he approaches Terasina Vidivarri (played by me!), a Mexican woman running a small store in this wild west.

Altitude Observations on My Weird Porch Obsession

DATELINE: August 8th, 2011 but JUST Re-Discovered from the “Lost Blog Files”, written Somewhere In The Air on the Way To Someplace We’ve reached a cruising altitude and before the ding is done, I’m pulling out my laptop. My mind is racing, piling one thought atop the next, with what I recognize is a bit…

One Great Day (Impersonating One Terrible Day)

Thursday, March 22nd 2012 was shaping up to be One Terrible Mofo of a Day. All my auditions and my hard-to-procure doctor appointment were managing to occur at the same time. This was not going to go well. I chose my priorities. I would attend the film audition first, medical needs be damned. It was…

Hereafter – April & May 2012

I had big, exciting plans for the last week of March. BIG plans. I was going on a Disney cruise. Let me repeat. A DISNEY Cruise. I was going to have some serious one-on-one time with my longtimeamour Mickey Mouse.

Then, I would round out my eventful week with a trip to Miami, where I would pack up the material acquisitions of my life and move them from Miami to New York City. (Jake, git a rope)