Glass Ceilings… a new musical

What: Premiere of Glass Ceilings, a new musical
When: March 5-28, 2020
Where: Rockwell Table & Stage, 1714 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles CA

Welcome to Hergatory, where God is actually a Goddess, & 9 real women from throughout history meet for the very first time.  But why?  This exciting new show covers a breathtaking range of musical styles, with stories that will make you laugh, cry, think and feel.  Catch it in its limited debut run at Rockwell Table & Stage, an intimate setting where the actors are practically an arm’s length away, and be one of the first to experience this fantastic show.

Musi-CAL Concert Performance

What: Musi-CAL Concert Performance
When: March 2nd 2020 @ 8pm
Where: Rockwell Table & Stage, 1714 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles CA

Eileen will sing from the new musical GLASS CEILINGS where she performs as Anne Royall, the first professional female journalist to interview a sitting president.  Her daringly unconventional method of securing this interview is the subject of the raucous, comedic duet between her & President John Quincy Adams.  GLASS CEILINGS is being staged for the very first time beginning March 5th at The Rockwell, making this a sneak peek at one of the show’s funniest moments!

Eileen signs with National Talent LA

Eileen is thrilled to announce she is now theatrically represented in Los Angeles by Ralph Cooper of National Talent LA. With 10 years as a successful theatrical, commercial and voiceover agent, Ralph is also an accomplished writer, director and producer who, like Eileen, is a multiple Emmy Award winner!  Before joining National Talent LA, Ralph…