Labor Day – Now On DVD

Opened January 31st in movie theaters nationwide.  And now, available on DVD! Labor Day comes twice this year! In another fine example of art imitating life, my journalism career is giving my acting career a big boost! I made my first appearance on the big screen in a major Hollywood film called LABOR DAY playing…

Cats – February & March 2014

Singing one of the most famous songs on Earth…!

The exquisite song Memory has been recorded by some 150 of the most famous artists from around the world. Now I get to have a crack at it eight times a week for 7 1/2 weeks, playing the tragic figure Grizabella at the heart of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS.

Walk on the Wild Side – November 2012

With gorgeous music & lyrics by Will Holt that draws from country & western, blues, and traditional theatre, we begin in a dusty Texas town on the Mexican border, where we meet the teenaged Dove as he approaches Terasina Vidivarri (played by me!), a Mexican woman running a small store in this wild west.

Hereafter – April & May 2012

I had big, exciting plans for the last week of March. BIG plans. I was going on a Disney cruise. Let me repeat. A DISNEY Cruise. I was going to have some serious one-on-one time with my longtimeamour Mickey Mouse.

Then, I would round out my eventful week with a trip to Miami, where I would pack up the material acquisitions of my life and move them from Miami to New York City. (Jake, git a rope)

Carbonell Awards – April 4, 2011

I was rehearsing my Mamma Mia understudy music in an icy cold theatre basement in Mississippi when I got a text from a friend, congratulating me on my nomination? NOMINATION?!?!

This is how I learned my performance as The Drowsy Chaperone at Stage Door Theatre last year captured a Best Supporting Actress nomination from the Carbonell Award judges.

Mamma Mia! Dec 2010 – March 2012

Imagine my elation when I was invited to join the phenomenon called Mamma Mia!

The “Big Call” came as I rode the M86 Bus across Manhattan on my way home for Thanksgiving, barely balancing my phone in one hand, elephantine suitcase in the other. I would be ushering out the old year and ushering in the new debuting on the North American Tour!

Rock Odyssey – Sept & October 2010

ROCK ODYSSEY is a new theatrical spectacle combining the drama of ancient Greece with the flair of Broadway to create a rip-roaring adventure.

It’s the classic tale by Homer that we all read in school about, but this version of Odysseus’ epic journey comes with a modern, funny, rock ‘n roll twist!