Walk on the Wild Side – November 2012

With gorgeous music & lyrics by Will Holt that draws from country & western, blues, and traditional theatre, we begin in a dusty Texas town on the Mexican border, where we meet the teenaged Dove as he approaches Terasina Vidivarri (played by me!), a Mexican woman running a small store in this wild west.

Hereafter – April & May 2012

I had big, exciting plans for the last week of March. BIG plans. I was going on a Disney cruise. Let me repeat. A DISNEY Cruise. I was going to have some serious one-on-one time with my longtimeamour Mickey Mouse.

Then, I would round out my eventful week with a trip to Miami, where I would pack up the material acquisitions of my life and move them from Miami to New York City. (Jake, git a rope)

Carbonell Awards – April 4, 2011

I was rehearsing my Mamma Mia understudy music in an icy cold theatre basement in Mississippi when I got a text from a friend, congratulating me on my nomination? NOMINATION?!?!

This is how I learned my performance as The Drowsy Chaperone at Stage Door Theatre last year captured a Best Supporting Actress nomination from the Carbonell Award judges.

Mamma Mia! Dec 2010 – March 2012

Imagine my elation when I was invited to join the phenomenon called Mamma Mia!

The “Big Call” came as I rode the M86 Bus across Manhattan on my way home for Thanksgiving, barely balancing my phone in one hand, elephantine suitcase in the other. I would be ushering out the old year and ushering in the new debuting on the North American Tour!

Rock Odyssey – Sept & October 2010

ROCK ODYSSEY is a new theatrical spectacle combining the drama of ancient Greece with the flair of Broadway to create a rip-roaring adventure.

It’s the classic tale by Homer that we all read in school about, but this version of Odysseus’ epic journey comes with a modern, funny, rock ‘n roll twist!