This is Eileen!

Labor Day – Now On DVD

Opened January 31st in movie theaters nationwide.  And now, available on DVD! Labor Day comes twice this year! In another fine example of art imitating life, my journalism career is giving my acting career a big boost! I made my first appearance on the big screen in a major Hollywood film called LABOR DAY playing…

A Winter Poem Not About Winter

I’ve written poetry ever since I’ve written. They always remain in my private papers. Publishing this little one here is me being… what’s the word that combines horrified and brave? That word. Plus the idea that no one is going to see this anyway.

I Decide To Run

I decide to run. This is against the will of half my brain and most of my body. But I Have Decided. Because I need to do this. To step out of my mind and onto the ground. I walk outside and witness Indiana coming to life. Garage Doors are thrown open, music is playing…

Indiana Is Trying To Kill Me And Other Fun Facts

It’s the second worst winter on record for “the Hoosier state”. But don’t worry, there’s a chance we can still Be Number One! Because Winter ain’t over my friends. I write this as muscles I didn’t know existed ache from my first major shoveling experience. So 1st lesson learned upon arriving: Leave 15 minutes earlier.…

Critical Acclaim for CATS

FEBRUARY 25, 2014 – The critIcs call CATS “astounding” & “not to be missed”. The Herald Bulletin calls Eileen’s voice “simply mesmerizing”, raving she “perfectly delivers the most popular song from the show”. One theatre blog calls her performance “superb”. And The Kokomo Perspective raves: Eileen Faxas as Grizabella brings the show together with her rendition of the iconic MEMORY. Click on for full reviews…

Cats – February & March 2014

Singing one of the most famous songs on Earth…!

The exquisite song Memory has been recorded by some 150 of the most famous artists from around the world. Now I get to have a crack at it eight times a week for 7 1/2 weeks, playing the tragic figure Grizabella at the heart of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS.