This is Eileen!

The Blacklist on NBC

Episode: “Masha Rostova”
When: May 14th 2015
Where: Thursday on NBC @ 9/8c

It’s the Grand Finalé of Season 2, and IT. IS. SHOCKING.
That is all we can say. That, and that Season 3 is going to be a whole new ball game. But that is all we can say. And also that Eileen was invited back to continue “reporting” on the events that set the shocking events in motion. Do NOT miss the very beginning of the drama. Because as of this writing, hers will be the first face you see and the first voice you hear in the episode.


Episode: “Convention”
When: May 10th 2015
Where: Sundays on HBO @ 10:30/9:30c

Eileen will play a newscaster in the critically acclaimed HBO show VEEP. Season 4 premiered April 12th! So get ready to watch Eileen report on the ridiculous goings-on behind-the-scenes at the presidential convention, as Selina Meyer jockeys to “improve” her ticket.

The Blacklist on NBC

Episode: “Karakurt”
When: May 7th 2015
Where: Thursday on NBC @ 9/8c

It’s the next-to-last episode of Season 2 of The Blacklist, so you know the Mystery Crime Drama will crank up the drama factor. And when things go Boom, I’ll be there reporting on what the CIA doesn’t want you to know…


Now in its 4th Season, the hit CBS Drama PERSON OF INTEREST brought Eileen aboard to play a newscaster playing opposite Guest Star Jason Ritter for the 5th episode, titled PROPHETS.  Eileen opens the episode announcing that today is Election Day.  Jason plays an prodigious political pollster, and Eileen “interviews” him for election day.

What The VEEP?!

You audition for a part, you don’t hear back, you act all “Frozen” and “let it go”, then you have 14 minutes to pack for your shoot in Baltimore tomorrow….  And with that, I announced to the world – specifically Facebook World – that I’d booked another TV show – all while barreling towards Baltimore…