See Eileen on ABC’s THE FAMILY

Are you watching ABC’s new thriller about a missing-boy-found? Eileen co-starred in Episode 5, titled “I Win”. If you missed the episode – or want to see it again – you can currently watch it online for free on ABC and HULU or, of course, wait for the rerun, if you prefer the retro way…!

Paris Will Make You Feel Feelings

I detest crying. Really reject it as a personal weakness in myself. So I find myself wanting to spontaneously cry in Paris for joy and am unsettled-yet-happy-but-confused and swallowing giant wads of Big Emotions in uncomfortable gulps. So let me tell you about my day. It’s my first day off after six days of rehearsal…

Carmen la Cubana

What: World Premiere Musical
Where: Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris FRANCE
When: April 6th – 30th 2016

This fresh musical theatre version of Bizet’s CARMEN moves the story to 1958 revolution-era Cuba with an international cast and creative team. Eileen originated the streetwise, quick-witted Paquita in a cast made up of Americans and Cubans, lead by Tony-nominated British director Chris Renshaw, with new orchestrations and arrangements by Tony winner Alex Lacamoire…

The Family on ABC

Episode: Season 1, Episode 5 “I Win”
When: March 27th 2016
Where: Sunday on ABC @ 9/8c

Eileen grills Grant Show (of Melrose Place fame!) in the new missing-child-reappears drama The Family. The eerie thriller stars Joan Allen and Eileen appears in the show’s fifth episode, questioning “Governor Charlie Lang” at a news conference.

HER EXCELLENCY Industry Reading

What: New Play Reading
When: Thursday, November 6th, 2015 @ 3pm
Where: Snapple Theater Center 1627 Broadway (@ 50th Street)

Eileen Faxas stars as Nora Astorga against Sharon Talbot’s Jeane Kirkpatrick in a new political dramedy set at the U.N. during Reagan’s Iran-Contra Scandal, capturing a real life clash of the titans between the famously erudite U.S. Ambassador and a bloodied-revolutionary-turned-Nicaraguan-superstar-ambassador. Read on if you’d like to attend the private reading….!

Eileen is Blacklisted…Again!

May 1st 2015 — This is when getting blacklisted…is a very good thing. Riding a return ticket to primetime, Eileen will be the first person you’ll see and hear in the sizzling season finalé this May 14th…